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Gabion basket - Amber 🇵🇱

Gabion basket - Amber 🇵🇱

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Country of Origin: Poland 🇵🇱

Shipping for all Gabion Baskets is 10 - 14 days.

The cylinder gabion pot will surely attract the attention of guests, placed on the square in front of the entrance to the house or in the representative part of the garden.

*stones not included - separate purchase required*

Gabion pot size:

Amber "M"

  • height: 32 cm
  • diameter: 39 cm
  • weight: 3 kg
  • internal diameter: 25 cm

Amber "L"

  • height: 39 cm
  • diameter: 49 cm
  • weight: 4,5 kg
  • internal diameter: 32 cm

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