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Gabion basket - Milo 🇵🇱

Gabion basket - Milo 🇵🇱

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Country of Origin: Poland 🇵🇱

Shipping for all Gabion Baskets is 10 - 14 days.

Milo S gabion pot The pot is entirely made of steel (construction: steel rod ∅3.5-5 mm). The whole thing is covered with zinc, which gives long exploitation possibilities (leaving the pot outside the house does not lose its charm). The structure is stable and resistant to various weather conditions. It can be filled with various materials such as stone, pieces of wood, glass, cones or any other material imaginable. Our gabion pots are designed for standard pot sizes. The distance between the bars is 11 mm at the widest point and 9 mm at the narrowest point.

 *stones not included - separate purchase required*

Gabion pot size:

MIilo "S"

  • height 38cm
  • width 42cm
  • weight 3.10 kg
  • Insert diameter: 25cm

Milo "M"

  • height 45 cm
  • width 47 cm
  • weight 4 kg
  • insert diameter: 29 cm

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