Why do we import Snow White Thassos pebbles from Greece?

Why do we import Snow White Thassos pebbles from Greece?

Greece is the perfect destination for acquiring white pebbles in all seasons. With the excellent quality, and variety of sizes available, Greece is the perfect option for us to source snow white pebbles. Here are several reasons why we consider importing white pebbles from Greece:

1. Greece is well known for its high quality white pebbles

Greece is a major player in the pebble industry, providing an abundant supply of high quality white pebbles. Due to the abundance of marble around the country, the pebbles mined from Greece have an especially bright and immersive white colour that has become highly sought after in the industry.

2. The variety of sizes and shapes is unparalleled

Greece is renowned for its wide range of white pebble sizes and shapes. Whether you need small, large, or mixed sized pebbles, Greece is the place to go. The white pebbles are also well known for their unique smoothness and durability that cant be found anywhere else.

3. The prices are very competitive

Greece is one of the most cost-effective sources for purchasing white pebbles. With minimal labour costs, and the absence of import and export fees, it is easy to find wholesaler prices that are hard to beat.

4. Shipping options are convenient

Similar to other countries, Greek companies offer limited shipping services to make getting the white pebbles from Greece to our destination harder and expensive. With years in the industry we've managed to save deals that help us get the best product within reasonable price range. We hassle with the deliveries and packing so you don't have to wait for your stones to arrive for 30-60 days, we deliver next day if you order before 13:00.

Overall, when it comes to importing white pebbles, Greece is number one destination for stones4gardens. With superior quality, variety of sizes, it is easy to see why we are choosing to import white pebbles from Greece.


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