Impregnating Natural Stone

Impregnating Natural Stone

Although we are currently in the midst of a sunny summer, it is crucial that we anticipate the rains and clouds of the British Autumn and how this can affect our lovely natural stone in our gardens.

Many people believe that because marble is polished, it does not require sealing. This is wrong! Polished or not, many types of stones including marble should be impregnated to protect it against the elements and ensure a long lasting dependable protection to its finish!

As stones are natural products, they are porous - meaning that they can absorb liquids such as water or oils. By applying a natural stone protector, the solution is drawn deep into the pores of the stone, rendering it less absorbent. This prevents the penetration of dirt and (grease) stains, without affecting the original character of the natural stone.

The process of sealing the stone is fairly simple and easy, however, it varies on the type of product and surface applied to. Whether it is applied by an applicator to a marble tile or sprayed onto marble pebbles, a couple of important steps are required;


1. Ensure that the impregnation substrate is clean and dry on the surface.

2. Apply a generous even coat of the undiluted solution to the surface of the stone using a sprayer, lint free cloth or brush, depending on surface of application.

3. Allow to dry for 30 - 45 minutes before applying a second coat.

4. It will take up to 24 hours before the product will cure and offer full protection. Until this has happened, keep the surface free from water and oils, as this may affect the finish. If carrying out this activity outside - plan in advance with the weather in mind!

5. Work should be carried out in dry, rainless conditions at a temperature between +5 and +30 ° C. At a lower temperature, the hydrophobic effect is delayed.

6. Maintain the finish by treating the protected area with natural stone cleaners. Avoid using any harsh or abrasive cleaning agents which can negatively impact and deteriorate the surface of the treated stone. 

7. If the application instructions are adhered to, the natural stone protection should last and be effective for up to 20 years, depending on product used. This may vary depending on the type of surface and the amount of surface wear it receives. 

Please stay updated for new products, including sealants, impregnators and cleaners!

Please Note: Areas not to be sealed must be protected with masking materials. It is strongly recommended that a test patch is completed before proceeding as the sealer may darken or lighten the stone surface. Please follow the specific product manufacturer recommendations and application guidelines for best possible finish. 


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